Laura Marslen


Laura Marslen

How to Get There: We drove from Iso-Syöte to Rovaniemi, which took just over 2 hours. There are a number of airlines that flight either directly in to Rovaniemi or via Helsinki. If you’re planning to fly, check out to suss out your plans. There are limited flights on certain days, so that may need to be taken into consideration when booking.

Where to Stay: We stayed at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel just outside of Rovaniemi and conveniently located next to Santa Claus Village. The hotel was inspired by the owners childhood times exploring and playing in the forest with animals and nature. The hotel features a number of shingle-clad suites standing on stilts among the trees on a hilltop. Each room has a high-quality double bed and a nest-like extra bed (similar to a cubby hole), ensuite, heated floors and kitchenette. The biggest focal point of the suites is most definitely the panoramic views. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic views.


This stunner was winner of the World Luxury Design Hotel in 2017, Luxury Small Hotel 2017 and Luxury Hotel 2017. They have also won the Best Innovation in Hotel Concept award in 2017. There is no doubt about it - the Arctic Treehouse hotel is all sleek, scandi interiors and stunning views. The included buffet breakfast was amazing, and really expanded the waistline for us the few days we were there! There is something for everyone, including those with special dietary requirements. The restaurant was fabulous also, but the prices were a little exxy.

We absolutely loved our stay here and this was somewhere I was really looking forward to visiting, but saying that I don’t think I would visit again. We found the area itself didn’t offer that much, and to our surprise on arrival, the hotel is just off of the main highway. Some of the hotel’s cabins are literally overlooking a car park. If the place was covered in snow, I think it may have slightly altered my opinion, however for the price of the accommodation, I think you could find something a lot more exciting, both location-wise and aesthetically.


What to See & Do:

Santa Claus Village – Who doesn’t love Christmas?!

Reindeer/Husky Farms – Who doesn’t love animals?!

Hiking – Who doesn’t love hiking?!

Visit the Snow Hotel – Who wouldn’t visit a hotel made of ice?!

Visit Artikum Museum – Who doesn’t love museums?!


Where to Eat & Drink:

Rakas Restaurant & Bar (located at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel) – exxy but very high quality food, gorgeous space.

Amarillo – Hearty Mexican feed, with a Finnish twist!

Yuca - Mexican deliciousness (for whatever reason we were craving Mexican in Rovaniemi haha)

Rosso Rovaniemi – Get your Italian fix!

Top tip: Purchase some wine from the well-stocked bottle shop, and enjoy the beautiful space you are staying in. Admire the scenery as the sun goes down.