Laura Marslen


Laura Marslen

After exploring the wonderful city of Stockholm we were after a little down time and we decided to immerse ourselves in the relaxing, island life before returning home to the land of Aus.

Insert Nacka Stockholm, where the city meets the island life. Only a 15 minute journey from the centre of Stockholm, this is the perfect way to ease your way out of the big city life. Enjoy the cultural centre Dieselverkstaden, historic homes in Saltsjobaden, 18th century country estates in Svindersvik and Stora Nyckelviken or one of the 12 nature reserves in the area. Dine dockside in Nacka and enjoy the archipelago sea views.


How to Get There: We flew from Lulea (Northern Sweden) with Norwegian Air. The flight time is only 1hr 20mins and it only set us back $105AUD each including baggage.

A lot of other airlines fly directly in to Stockholm as well as a number of budget airlines so suss out your options on or and that should have you sorted!

We could have trained from Lulea to Stockholm but it would’ve taken us a painful 13 and a half hours and nobody got time for that, especially when the flights are so cheap! Driving is also an option but again a long one at just over 10 hours….no thanks!

To get to the airport to fly home we caught a taxi from Nacka and it set us back approx. $100AUD total. There was an option to cab to the train station and then catch the express train but it only saved us a few dollars so it wasn’t worth the extra hassle. With the taxi’s there are set prices too so you know what you’re getting yourself in to, unlike some cities where you can often get jibbed with extra charges.

Where to Stay: Hotel J Enjoy this hidden gem hidden in the urban archipelago of Stockholm. The perfect place to unwind but still have that hint of city buzz. Enjoy the sea views, city skyline and the nature to go with it. Only 25 minutes by boat to Nybroplan this is the ultimate hideaway from the busy city.

We were lucky enough to stay in the J Newport Seaview room. Situated on the top floor with incredible sea views as well as the surrounding archipelago and city skyline in the distant, this room made our mouths drop the floor. On arrival I instantly got a Hamptons vibe. The 30m2 was carefully decorated inch by inch, creating a homely by the sea ambience. Not only is this room spacious as ever it extends on to a private roof terrace measuring 20m2, luxurious to say the least. If space is your thinggggg……you will be in love here! On arrival we had snow on our patio so it wasn’t exactly outdoor weather but the views were absolutely magnificent despite the cold.


Dine in the popular Restaurant J for an exceptional seaside dining experience. Enjoy the breath-taking sea views whilst tasting some of Sweden’s most divine local ingredients. As the weather starts to cool, the fire is lit to add some extra warmth and cozy vibes to help you cope with the freezing temps. As the weather improves the terrace is opened up so the sun can be enjoyed whilst taking in the wonderful views. If you’re wanting something a little more casual then enjoy the hotels bar, The Club House, which has a small food menu and is situated in the old building by the water. The interior is to die for and perfect to hang by the fire on a cold, gloomy evening. The buffet breakfast is worth visiting Hotel J for alone….One of the best breakfasts I’ve ever consumed at a hotel. So much thought and care was put in to the food and presentation and you will find yourself going back for round 3 or 4 of breakfast guaranteed!

If travelling is getting the better of you, unwind and enjoy the sauna facilities at the hotel. If you’re feeling game enough I dare you to jump in to the sea post sauna, apparently that’s the real scandi spa experience. The hotel has a relationship with Njuta Spa, only a 10 minute walk from the hotel on a cliff overlooking the ocean. This private oasis is so relaxing you may find you never leave so let someone know you’re going so if you don’t return they will know you’ve zenned out post facial. Go on treat yourself and enjoy one of the many treatments on offer here.

The best of both worlds, Hotel J is a real delight.

What to See & Do: As mentioned above there are a few worthy places to visit in the area but if you’re up for something more then head in to the city and explore the depths of Stockholm (check out my previous blogs on the centre of Stockholm). If shopping is your thing then head to Nacka Forum and shop your heart out.


Where to Eat & Drink: The other places we visited in the area weren’t worth visiting from a culinary perspective so check out Hotel J or The Club House if you’re in the area or head in to the centre of Stockholm.