Laura Marslen


Laura Marslen

As you may know by now, I like to mix it up and stay in different areas to really get a feel for a city, particularly one that is large in size. Insert Hotel Birger Jarl…


Where to stay: Hotel Birger Jarl

Located in the heart of Stockholm, Hotel Birger Jarl has been a traditional hotel since 1974. Hotel Birger Jarl is named after the founder of Stockholm and is firmly dedicated to their national Swedish heritage. This 4 star hotel is central to transport, shops, sightseeing and all of the restaurants, cafes and bars you could dream of. Enjoy the comfortable nature of Hotel Birger Jarl. The staff are amazing and go above and beyond to ensure your stay is as unique and gratifying as you wish. Speaking English is certainly not an issue here - most Swedes speak perfect English.

Hotel Birger Jarl, features over 270 rooms; each room or suite has its own individual flair constructed by a team of well-established Swedish interior architects and designers. Another bonus of the rooms is space….which if you know me well you know is a big bonus for tall Laura! Our room showcased a lovely entry area which had wardrobe space, a desk area and in addition to that a lounge area, wining! Parquet floors, quirky aesthetics and simple design is what you can expect at Hotel Birger Jarl.

We didn’t dine here but the hotel has an incredible buffet breakfast. The Scandi’s really know how to nail a great brekky! Fuel yourself for a big day of sightseeing with everything possible you could imagine and more (insert morning food coma). If the food gets too much for you, hit the gym and work it off in their fitness centre #shred.

Hotel Birger Jarl nails it on the head for affordable chic, style and perfect location.

Where to Eat & Drink: When I think of Sweden, I think of meatballs and Daim chocolate (insert drool) but this city has so much more to offer from a culinary perspective. The main thing to consider when in Sweden is that the prices are quite dear, so you need to have a long think about what you’re actually wanting to spend for food, and if you are wanting to splurge, how extra of a splurge is it going to be? We were towards the end of our trip so we were trying to be responsible humans and not splurge too much so we went with eating four courses at breakfast to get us through the day. This would allow us to get through the day with a minor snack if any, and then enjoy a small dinner. We ranged from a medium splurge to a cheap meal to mix things up and get the best of both worlds.

Prime Burger - Who would ever say no to burgers? Rude?

Eataly – If you’ve been to New York then you’ve heard of Eataly. A boutique deli turned restaurant, get your pasta fix.

Un Poco – Italian goodness


Taverna Brillo – Yum, yum just do it. Pizza, pasta, meat, fish, one of everything please! Enjoy their cocktail bar Växthusen post dinner for a cocktail or three.

Meatballs for the People – Get your meatball fix here, way better than Ikeas! Vegan and vego options also, winning.

Harmans – Vegan lunch buffet with an amazing view of Stockholm

Soder for cool vintage second hand stores – more alternative, hip vibe

Old city – Medieval musueum

These are a few on my list from researching that we didn’t quite get to:

Ekstedt – Michelin star fine dining. Scandi heaven interior and food wise. Fun fact: nothing is cooked with gas, electricity or microwaves, how cool is that?

Haktet – This modern restaurant is situated in a former jail. There are only five main courses to choose here which showcase your go to European flavours.

Oaxen Krog & Slip - Waterfront on one of Stockholm’s most picturesque city islands, Djurgåden. Divided in to two areas you you can enjoy fine dining at Oaxen Krog the two Michelin star restaurant or bring things down a notch at Oaxen Slip for a more low key option.

Rosendals Trägard – Lunch deals, hell yes! Fresh, healthy goodness. Dine in the light-filled greenhouse or if the weather permits the beautiful outdoor area.

Lilla Ego – Enjoy their seasonal Nordic menu from local fish to fresh seafood its scandi heaven.

Frantzen – One of Sweden’s greatest restaurants. Frantzen really sets the standard high with pork marinated for a week, smoked for 24 hours and hung to dry for 100 days….wow! If that doesn’t impress you then their Rubiks cube inspired desert will. Extra is the best way to describe this place and with that comes the extra $$$.


Mälarpaviljongen – Floating on water next to one of Stockholm’s most aesthetically pleasing areas this jetty bar will not disappoint. Picture fairy lights, flowers and plant galore and to top it off there are some fab views towards Södemalm Island.

Laika – From techno to indie this place is pumping and so is the volume.

Judit and Bertil – A very cosy, intimate spot. Art deco vibes and there is a small food menu to compliment your drinks.

Tak –This minimalist sky bar exudes Scandi vibes mixed with Japanese minimalism. This place is extra and so are the views. Acclaimed mixologist Charlotte Halzius is responsible for the cocktail menu and it’s to die for.

Pharmarium – Located in Stortorget, one of Stockholm’s oldest squares, this was home to the cities first ever pharmacy.


Himlen – Located on the 26th floor of a former office block this is home to one of Stockholm’s best view points.

Södra Teatern – During the summer this place opens up to a beautiful beer garden, Mosebacke. Perfect for a few summer bevs.

Morfar Ginko – Neon industrial vibes located in the trendy Mardistrict.

The Grand Hotel – Your typical high end hang out for those with $$$ to spend. Located on the waterfront overlooking Stockholm’s Royal Palace, sit back on the plush lounges and sip on some bubbles.